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About the Copyvio уреди

This text is found on many sites around the world wide web, and my guess is that the text we see on idividi.com.mk is actually a translation of one of the many sites that have published vanga's 'visions' (or call them what you want). So, it could be that the user that entered the text was actually translating the text from the links below. However it may be, it is impossible that idividi.com.mk has a copyright on that text, as the text that was inserted in the article could have well been a translation of the other sites written in English (and/or other languages as well, I haven't looked this info up in other languages) into Macedonian. And if you are implying that the user just copied/pasted the text from idividi, I personally altered the text in such a way that it does not match the text on idividi.com.mk (without knowing it exists on idividi.com.mk) and as such, can freely be interpreted as a translation of a book I have at home, or a website I found on the net. And pardon my copyright knowledge which is, in fact, quite poor, but I think this is no case of copyright whatsoever. So what you are saying is wrong (according to my assumptions).

Here are the links:

And there is a video as well that pretty much sums up all of her predictions/prophecies/visions

I think this is proof enough.

P.S. My bad that I didn't point out why I reverted your text, but it must have slipped me that you explained yourself on the talk page and I didn't reply. Anyway, the page is protected (still) because it's constantly targeted by your fellow countrymen and there is a dispute that still hasn't been settled. Now you tell me if i should reverted it back to the way it was, i.e. with the prophecies and all.

-√ гитардэмонговори со мной √ 19:06, 7 јануари 2009 (UTC)

Hello again. So, what is important in this case is that the text is published somewhere on the web before it was published on Wikipedia or under GFDL or GFDL-compatible license (such as CC-BY). It's not our problem (Wikipedia's) if idividi.com.mk is in copyright infringement. Formally, we cannot prove that they are not the legal copyright holders, and yes, guessing doesn't work. (Unless you find where it was published before, but if it's not under a free license, the situation returns into the previous state). If you want to include the 'visions', you have to modify every sentence so that it doesn't match the original (English, Macedonian, etc.) and so that nobody is able to identify this text as translation of the original text (Which needs, of course, a lot of work, that I, personally, will never do, considering the importance of the subject). See, for example, that on sr wikipedia they are acting in the same fashion, proving that I'm not the sole person to think alike. About the semi-protection from editing: Please note that I don't have any pretention on her nationality, the language she spokes, etc. But people don't discuss anything on the talk page, which means that everybody accepts the current state. If individual editors and IPs vandalize the article (by adding controversial info and refuse to discuss on the talk page) and/or violate the 3RR, you should opt for warning or shortly blocking the users, rather than protecting the article indefinitely... --PetaRZ (разговор) 22:34, 7 јануари 2009 (UTC)