Разлика помеѓу преработките на „Папуа Нова Гвинеја“

нема опис на уредувањето
|image_flag = Flag of Papua New Guinea.svg
|image_symbol = Emblem of Papua New Guinea.svg
|symbol_width = 125px
|image_map = LocationPapuaNewGuinea.svg
|national_motto =''[[Обединети во различноста]]''<ref>{{цитирана веб страница | title=Stable Government, Investment Initiatives, and Economic Growth | work=Keynote address to the 8th Papua New Guinea Mining and Petroleum Conference (Google cache) | date=2004-12-06 | author=Sir Michael Somare | url=http://web.archive.org/web/20060628014059/http://www.pm.gov.pg/pmsoffice/PMsoffice.nsf/pages/B6475E51C894229B4A256F6900141A4B?OpenDocument
|HDI_year = 2013<!-- Please use the year to which the data refers, not the publication year-->
|HDI_year = 2007
|HDI_change = decrease <!--increase/derease/steady-->
|HDI = {{increase}} 0.530
|HDI = 0.491 <!--number only-->
|HDI_rank = 145th
|HDI_ref = <ref name=HDI>{{cite book |last=Malik |first1=Khalid |url=http://hdr.undp.org/sites/default/files/hdr14-report-en-1.pdf |format=pdf |title=Sustaining Human Progress: Reducing Vulnerabilities and Building Resilience |work=Human Development Report 2014 |location=New York |publisher=United Nations Development Programme |year=2014 |page=162 |isbn=978-92-1-126368-8 |accessdate=28 July 2014 }}</ref>
|HDI_category = <font color="#FFCC00">средно</font>
|HDI_rank = 145th157ма
|Gini = 50.9
|Gini_year = 1996