Разговор со корисник:Future Perfect at Sunrise: Разлика помеѓу преработките

::We are very glad that you are doing us a favour. We have no time to put tags but put tags for the other users too. Thanks again, since I do not care about the pictures. But there is a problem. About the puicture Гоце Николовски.jpg you have put template that that picture can be replaced. It can only be done if I dig up his grave and take picture of his skeleton. Be aware of it.--[[User:MacedonianBoy|MacedonianBoy]] <small>([[User talk:MacedonianBoy|разговор]])</small> 15:37, 9 март 2009 (UTC)
::: that's very sad for his skeleton, certainly. But it appears you took the image from a commercial news source, and your use of it is in direct competition to theirs, so it fails the demand of "respect for commercial opportunities". You need to find an image that at least has no commercial value for its owners. For instance one that was widely used as a free-of-charge publicity image on his own website, or by his own heirs when he died. [[User:Future Perfect at Sunrise|Future Perfect at Sunrise]] <small>([[User talk:Future Perfect at Sunrise|разговор]])</small> 15:42, 9 март 2009 (UTC)
:::It's a bit problematic, unfortunately. --[[User:MacedonianBoy|MacedonianBoy]] <small>([[User talk:MacedonianBoy|разговор]])</small> 15:44, 9 март 2009 (UTC)