Податоци уреди

Бидејќи направи пет реверти немој да се осврнуваш кон тоа правило. Како второ да ги ставиш и податоците за Турција како што беа. Твоите стави ги во заграда а не да бришеш како класичен вандал.-- MacedonianBoy  Oui? 12:38, 20 јануари 2009 (UTC)

You're the one that first violated the rule. I added a source with exact data. Your source was falsification, since no 270,000 bulgarians are pointed in the source. Please, take a detailed look on the source, and tell me where it points 270,000 Bulgarians?
As I already mentioned, I did not created that sources, I only wrote them as they were before and as they are on the English Wikipedia. So, as "newcomer", it is obviously and completely natural that we might write the old data since we do not trust a lot to the newcomers because maybe they are vandalizing and putting false data (quite often here, especially BG IP addresses). That's why, If you want to believe you here, make and account and talk. I made two reverts, the rest ones were simple edits. You made much more than 3. Make an account as mine advise. -- MacedonianBoy  Oui? 12:53, 20 јануари 2009 (UTC)
Every editor on wikipedia, have equal rights. It doesn't have matter if it's registered or not. Also this since we do not trust a lot to the newcomers is against the base politics of Wikipedia. I don't care about the BG IP vandalizing. I want to be treated not as vandal "by default". It seems that we could have a discussion now. What do you propose for the Bulgarians in Turkey change? Do we leave the Joshua Project (with ethical Bulgarians in Turkey data 323,000) or we leave the one from Etnologique.com pointing Bulgarian language speakers of "300,000 in Turkey (2001 Johnstone and Mandryk)." ?

Can you please tell me what does this mean?-- MacedonianBoy  Oui? 13:07, 20 јануари 2009 (UTC)

It means that the security software I use, uses the same proxy (or another proxy with the same IP).