Hi, my name is Povilas and I am from Vilnius, the capital of a currently tiny, but historically famous Baltic state called Lithuania, the Homeland to just 3 million people. The country is possessed with the game of basketball and I am no exception in that as well! Consequently, my edits in Wikipedia mostly focuses on this sport branch and other Lithuania-related topics. The Lithuanian language is understandable to only 3 million of people worldwide (and is regarded as one of the toughest languages to learn for the foreigners due its complexity). As a result, my main goal is to make the Lithuania-related topics accessible in the foreign languages (mostly English) as much as I am able to. I am a member of the Lietuvos Vikimedijos dalyvių grupė (Lithuania's Wikimedia participants group).

You can find my primary talk page here: en:User talk:Pofka.