Фреди Хабард

Фредерик Дивејн "Фреди" Хабард (7 април 1938 – 29 декември 2008)[1] бил Американски џез трубач. Неговиот непогрешлив и влијателен тон придонесе кон нови перспективи за модерниот џез и бибап.[2]

Хабард со Хари Абрахам


Наслов Година Издавач
Open Sesame 1960 Blue Note
Goin' Up 1960 Blue Note
Hub Cap 1961 Blue Note
Ready for Freddie 1961 Blue Note
The Artistry of Freddie Hubbard 1962 Impulse!
Hub-Tones 1962 Blue Note
Here to Stay 1962 Blue Note
The Body & the Soul 1963 Impulse!
Breaking Point 1964 Blue Note
Blue Spirits 1965 Blue Note
The Night of the Cookers 1965 Blue Note
Jam Gems: Live at the Left Bank 1965 Label M
Backlash 1966 Atlantic
High Blues Pressure 1968 Atlantic
A Soul Experiment 1969 Atlantic
The Black Angel 1970 Atlantic
The Hub of Hubbard 1970 MPS
Red Clay 1970 CTI
Straight Life 1970 CTI
Sing Me a Song of Songmy 1971 Atlantic
First Light 1971 CTI
Sky Dive 1973 CTI
Keep Your Soul Together 1973 CTI
Freddie Hubbard/Stanley Turrentine in Concert Volume One 1974 CTI
In Concert Volume Two with Stanley Turrentine 1974 CTI
Polar AC 1975 CTI
High Energy 1974 Columbia
Gleam 1975 Sony (Japan)
Liquid Love 1975 Columbia
Windjammer 1976 Columbia
Bundle of Joy 1977 Columbia
Super Blue 1978 Columbia
The Love Connection 1979 Columbia
Skagly 1979 Columbia
Live at the North Sea Jazz Festival 1980 Pablo
Mistral with Art Pepper 1981 Liberty
Outpost 1981 Enja
Splash 1981 Fantasy
Rollin' 1982 MPS
Keystone Bop Vol. 2: Friday & Saturday 1996 Prestige
Keystone Bop: Sunday Night 1982 Prestige
Born to Be Blue 1982 Pablo
Ride Like the Wind 1982 Elektra/Asylum
Above & Beyond 1982 Metropolitan
Back to Birdland 1982 Real Time
Sweet Return 1983 Atlantic
The Rose Tattoo 1983 Baystate (Japan)
Double Take with Woody Shaw 1985 Blue Note
Life Flight 1987 Blue Note
The Eternal Triangle with Woody Shaw 1987 Blue Note
Feel the Wind with Art Blakey 1988 Timeless
Times Are Changing 1989 Blue Note
Topsy - Standard Book 1989 Alpha/Compose
Bolivia 1991 Music Masters
At Jazz Jamboree Warszawa '91: A Tribute to Miles 2000 Starburst
Live at Fat Tuesday's 1992 Music Masters
Blues for Miles 1992 Evidence
MMTC: Monk, Miles, Trane & Cannon 1995 Music Masters
New Colors 2001 Hip Bop
On the Real Side 2008 Times Square


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