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Википедија:Неутрална гледна??? I apologize for using English on your project - it is for neutrality's sake. As editor in many Wikis and a person who freely uses several languages I must regrettably share that your state politics have infiltrated this project and those who edit articles related to your history, national heroes or neighboring countries, are nothing but bullhorns of state propaganda. Under normal circumstances it would be entertaining to see such metamorphoses of history. However, ladies and gentlemn editors, it is not funny to see people in the 21st century forgo any methods of good scientific inquiry only for the sake of proving a false doctrinated point! You have a sacred duty to uphold and that is to tell the truth to your readers - to the best of your knowledge as good scientists. Furthermore, Wikipedia should not be a grocery stand for selling fringe theories! An encyclopedia can only be written by people of conscience! Even lay people do excellent work editting as long as they have the intrinsic scientific requirements under their belt to verify sources, seek those with good credibility, verify the predominant view on the matter. Editors may be all people without being scientists, but nevertheless, people of good conscience. Even if may be discussion of highly debated and contested topic, if the rest of the world has critically filtered out what seems to be the truth, you should not cater lies to your readers highly politicized agenda just to appease their proclivities! After having read many of your articles, I am not certain that your editors are capable of delivering NEUTRAL POINT OF VIEW. Wishing you luck, - Aceofhearts1968 (разговор) 22:18, 28 јули 2013 (CEST)

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