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нема опис на уредувањето
с (Разговор:Илинденско-Преображенско востание преместена како Разговор:Илинденско востание: Тоа име не е признаено во Македонија)
Това че и българите от Одринско са востанали и че '''истата организация''' (ТМОРО) ги е организирала просто требва да се спомене, иначе прикривате факти. Не станува збор за гледни точки, а за факти, оставете луѓете после сами да си ги тълкуват. --[[User:5ko|5ko]] 16:49, 8 May 2005 (UTC)
I dont want to argue which was the first republic on the Balkan peninsula but I think that you all will agree that Dubrovnik was a medieval republic that existed centuries before the establishment of the Kichevo Republic. Besides when speaking of Ilinden uprising, the part Preobrajensko is missed. It is a disrespect to the blood that was spilled in that part of the rebelled Ottoman lands. Whether it is an intended effort to establish the uprising as a pure "Macedonian" work, or due to a lack of sufficient historical information, it remains a blow on the memory of those heroes. Remember that VMRO was created as VMORO (Internal MacedonianAND ADRIANOPLE Organisation). Among the members of the Central Committee of the Organization was Michail Gerdjikov, the leader of the uprising in the Adrianople vilaet. He was a close associate of all of the Macedonian apostles - Dame, Gotze, Gyorche, Pere. The Bulgarians of the Adrianople district gave their victims in the name of the common goal- liberation from the Ottoman oppression. They had their successes (took over the towns of Vasiliko and Malko Turnovo, founded the Strandja republic). It should not be fogotten that their activities were in closest proximity to the Ottoman capital Istanbul und therefore in a much more well protected area than the far away region of Macedonia. Also Turkey was expecting that Bulgaria will interfere on behalf of the rebels and numerous military commands were mobilized in the area as it was a boundary region with Bulgaria.
So please have respect to the victims in the Adrianople region and complete your article.
I am a Bulgarian and therefore cannot do it by myself. I dont want to be disrespectful to any "Macedonian" but anyone can open the Bulgarian article for more information on the matter.
AS for all insults to Bulgarians as Tatars, remember that one of the founders of VMORO was Dr. Hristo TATARCHEV and when insulting bulgarians in this way you insult one of the founders of VMRO, you say you are so proud of, and confess his bulgarian origin.
Kind Regards,
Анонимен корисник