Разлика помеѓу преработките на „Разговор со корисник:MacedonianBoy“

One other most specific reason is that due to a situation :) it is likely that someone that vandalizes mk.wiki about a specific subject (related to that situation) alse vandalizes el.wiki and vise versa. You already have it on register users as '''Глобални придонеси''' Consider it please! Regards! --[[User:Egmontaz|Egmontaz]] <small>([[User talk:Egmontaz|разговор]])</small> 11:30, 22 јануари 2010 (UTC)
Yes I know that this works, just wanted a fixed link at the bottoms to save time :) --[[User:Egmontaz|Egmontaz]] <small>([[User talk:Egmontaz|разговор]])</small> 11:53, 22 јануари 2010 (UTC)