Разлика помеѓу преработките на „Разговор со корисник:MacedonianBoy“

*::: In all other wikiprojects link from main page go to they langwiki, and it’s logical, because when you are in some langwiki, want to see arcticles in this language, not in others, lang in meta isn’t used so often by peoples.
If you have it’s in your own language, why you need to use link on english? You need just to change link from «<nowiki>http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/List_of_Wikipedias</nowiki>» to «<nowiki>http://mk.wikipedia.org/wiki/Википедија:Листа_на_Википедии</nowiki>» [[МедијаВики:Common.js|here]][[User:Tat1642|Tat1642]] <small>([[User talk:Tat1642|разговор]])</small> 09:58, 27 март 2009 (UTC)
*:::: You did all right, but it's still didn't work. Very strange. [[User:Tat1642|Tat1642]] <small>([[User talk:Tat1642|разговор]])</small> 10:14, 27 март 2009 (UTC)