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By the way, I came across this statement of yours: "''I can read enough Macedonian to work out that...''" Do you mean you understand some? If you do, or at least if you want to, I'm really willing to help you out. I can teach you basic stuff or you can ask me about petty terms or usual expressions and phrases. Please let me know. --[[User:INkubusse|iNkubusse]]<sup>[[User talk:INkubusse|<i> A?</i>]]</sup> 21:12, 9 февруари 2009 (UTC)
Just to be clear, when I upload pictures I do it on Commons, not here. Few pictures are uploaded here and the comment I have given on your English page was useful indeed. You saw that the Macedonian Wikipedia is perfect compared with the one where you were "welcome" very good and did nothing. I usually do not upload pictures, I create articles. Regards--[[User:MacedonianBoy|MacedonianBoy]] <small>([[User talk:MacedonianBoy|разговор]])</small> 15:18, 9 март 2009 (UTC)