Разговор со корисник:Future Perfect at Sunrise: Разлика помеѓу преработките

== Старомакедонска азбука ==
Hello, friend. you're right. I protected this article, just because of the bringing the template. Perhaps, you're right. This article is copyrited in its first edits. But the theme of the article is being popularized in Macedonia by two high level educated proffesors (Aristotel TenovTentov and Tome Boševski).
With the editing of the article were broken some wikirules. I know it, but this article was featured on the main page of the mk.wiki at the time of 25 to 31 of August. For me bigger mistake is to delete featured article, although it has broken some wikirules. We're small society and we're working on checking up the informations on the external links. Nobody hasn' t deleted this page, after it commonly we chose the article as featured and I think there isn't another reason to delete it after all. Perhaps if it was marked to be deleted, we wouldn't chose it and we would delete it checking up the whole website. Also, the whole article doesn't depend on the website you've put as a source.