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:::::Well, about the edits I have to tell you that we get a lot of vandals everyday here that just promote their Bulgarian and Greek propaganda, and it's always in connection to the Macedonian language and it's history, or to the Macedonian people and it's history. So please forgive me when I say so, but I thought you were just a pesky vandal trying to make a point on how Macedonians are Greek or whatever, and I reverted your edits and sent you a warning, as we usually do with these users, be it older registered users (vandals), or new ones. After, I checked that you were actually an admin on en.wiki (meaning that you are not a vandal), and realized that I am not dealing with nonsense. Anyway, I would please ask you not to edit these articles for a while, until we clarify some things on this Wikipedia, things that have bothered me for a longer while, like excessive nationalism and things of such sort from some of our users. And, I am glad that someone actually shares the same/similar views with me (I am talking about you), even though it might sound a bit awkward to you. √ [[Корисник:Guitardemon666|гитардэмон]] √ [[Разговор_со_корисник:Guitardemon666|говори со мной]] √ 11:56, 30 октомври 2008 (UTC)
:::::: Okay. Just so you understand better where I'm coming from in terms of the content issue, the English articles on [[:en:Rosetta Stone]] and [[:en:Demotic (Egyptian)]] present the established majority view. The authors in question took a text that is otherwise universally acknowledged to be as straightforwardly Egyptian as this sentence here is straightforwardly English, invented a set of new sound-symbol mappings for the script, and "reconstructed" a text that looks, not like a realistic ancestor of modern Macedonian of 2000 years ago, but like modern Macedonian itself. Total bullshit on more than one level. [[User:Future Perfect at Sunrise|Future Perfect at Sunrise]] <small>([[User talk:Future Perfect at Sunrise|разговор]])</small> 12:08, 30 октомври 2008 (UTC)
:::::::Well my point exactly, but most of the users are extremely proud of their Macedonian origin, and would try to do everything to prove it's true, even though it's obvious that it's false. The resemblance to today's Macedonian means it's also in resemblance with Bulgarian, Russian etc. which means that either they're all non-Slav (because as they say this language is of the ancient Macedonians which were not Slavs), or that the ancient Macedonians were Slavs. A huge load of crap, regarding both matters. But first, let me discuss this with the other users, let's see if they come to their senses after this helping remark by you. Thank you.
√ [[Корисник:Guitardemon666|гитардэмон]] √ [[Разговор_со_корисник:Guitardemon666|говори со мной]] √ 12:59, 30 октомври 2008 (UTC)