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Ред 33:
::By the way, you needn't bother writing in Greek, English is fine. I'm German. This probably also answers your question whether my edits have some "ethnic background". I have no Balkanian background whatsoever. Incidentally, over at en-wiki, most Greek contributors consider me shamelessly pro-Macedonian. [[User:Future Perfect at Sunrise|Future Perfect at Sunrise]] <small>([[User talk:Future Perfect at Sunrise|разговор]])</small> 11:28, 30 октомври 2008 (UTC)
:::So what you're saying is that the guys here that have written the article just invented the existence of the alphabet? And if, as you say, fringe views still deserve a rightful place in the article, why delete them? And about the copyright violation, we will look into that. And, if the rest of the Wikipedia community looks at us as an embarrassment, why hasn't anyone notified us yet?, Asor awhy matter of fact,haven't I don't thinkread that thesomeone entireis wikilaughing communityat understandsour myWikipedia, languageor assomething goodalike? asAnd you do in order to understand whatabout the articlescopyright stateviolation, andwe howwill embarrassinglook into that is for the community.
:::And look I am not familiar with the history of ancient Macedonian or whatever it's called, because I haven't contributed to the article in any way (this was my first edit to the article), and I generally avoid editing articles related to Ancient Macedonian "stuff" because it's nonsense to me, but still I think (or thought) it's obvious that these edits had to do with your Greek origin, and so I made clear to you that "we might be forced to block you, if you continue". Anyway, you could have first discussed it on the talk pages, or somewhere before editing it. And if you don't like our wikipedia so much, be my guest, be productive and edit the articles in such a way that you think wouldn't embarrass you and the wiki community. If you want to have this wikipedia shut down, just make sure they take a look into the greek and bulgarian wikipedia, just for a comparison to what is written there and to what extent.