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{{Инфокутија Грчко божество
| Image = Jupiter Smyrna Louvre Ma13.jpg
| Caption = ''Jupiter de Smyrne'', откриена во [[Смирна]] во 1680 г.
| Caption = ''Jupiter de Smyrne'', откриена во [[Смирна]] во 1680<ref>The sculpture was presented to [[Louis XIV of France|Louis XIV]] as [[Aesculapius]] but restored as Zeus, ca. 1686, by [[Pierre Granier]], who added the upraised right arm brandishing the [[thunderbolt]]. Marble, middle 2nd century CE. Formerly in the north allée of the Tapis vert, in the [[garden of Versailles]], now conserved in the [[Louvre Museum]] ([http://cartelfr.louvre.fr/cartelfr/visite?srv=car_not_frame&idNotice=27483 official on-line catalog])</ref>
| Name = Зевс
| God_of = '''Крал на боговите''' <br />'''Бог на Небото и Громот'''