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Нема опис на уредувањето
Џејмс Данлоп бил роден во [[Далру, Аусхир]], [[Шкотска]], син на Џон Данлоп, ткајачr, и неговата жена Џанет Боул. Даннлоп се школувал во основното училиште во Далри и тргнал на работа во thread фабрика во [[Беит]] кога имал 14год. Тој исто така присутствуваше на ноќното училиште во Беит и го чувал еден човек по име Гардинер. He became interested in astronomy at an early age and was constructing telescopes in 1810. By fortune in 1820, he made the acquaintance of the astronomical inclined [[Thomas Brisbane|Sir Thomas Brisbane]]. In the same year, Brisbane was appointed as the new Governor of New South Wales, who then decided to set up an astronomical observatory in the new Colony. Prior to leaving Britain, Dunlop was then appointed as his second scientific assistant, and both travelled to Sydney in 1821.
<!--== Career in Australia ==
Soon after arriving, Brisbane almost immediately started building his observatory at Paramatta (original spelling), now named [[Parramatta]], and it was Dunlop who was employed to do the [[astrometry|astrometric observations]] for a new accurate southern star catalogue. Also employed was the German born [[Carl Ludwig Christian Rümker]] (or sometimes as Charles Karl Ludwig Rümker) (28 May 1788 – 21 December 1862), or simply [[Karl Rümker]], who had been recruited by Brisbane as first astronomical assistant. Rümker soon left the observatory in protest of his treatment during 1823, leaving Dunlop in charge of the astrometric measures and general maintenance of the astronomical instruments and the Observatory. Dunlop was not a professionally trained astronomer, so he importantly lacked the necessary mathematical skills to do astrometric reductions. He had soon learned the necessary observational skills from the more able Rümker and his employer.
* He also discovered and catalogued 256 southern [[double stars]] in "''Approximate Places of Double Stars in the Southern Hemisphere, observed at Paramatta in New South Wales.''", which was published in the ''Memoirs of the [[Royal Astronomical Society]]'' ''Mem.Ast.Soc.London'', Vol. '''3''', 257, 1829.
* Only five other astronomical papers were published by James Dunlop between 1829 and 1839, the most significant being on [[comets]]; "''Places of Encke's comet, from 30 observations.'' ''[[Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society]]'' (MNRAS)., Vol. '''1''', 120 (1829) and "''Observation of a small comet at Paramatta.'' ''[[Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society]]'' (MNRAS)., Vol. '''1''', 130 (1829)
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