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| Name = Slipknot
| Img = Slipknot at Mayhem 1.jpg
| Img_capt = SlipknotСлипнот performingнастапуваат on theна [[Mayhem Festival]] inво 2008 год.
| Img_size = 250
| Landscape = yes
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| Alias = The Pale Ones, Meld, The Nine''Деветката''
| Origin = [[Des Moines, Iowa|Des Moines]], [[IowaАјова]], [[United StatesСАД]]
| Genre = [[алтернативен метал]]<br />[[ну метал]]<br />[[хеви метал]]
| Genre = <!--Please discuss on the talk page before changing the genres, and please don't cite references in the infobox. Verifiable references in the article outweigh editor opinion. Also, don't add grindcore, death metal, thrash metal or groove metal here without discussion thoroughly.-->[[Alternative metal]]<br />[[Nu metal]]<br />[[Heavy metal music|Heavy Metal]]
| Years_active = 1995–present1995–денес
| Label = [[Roadrunner Records|RoadrunnerРоудранер]], [[Nuclear Blast Records|NuclearНуклеар BlastБист]]
| Associated_acts = <!--This list is kept primarily for other bands and acts which feature Slipknot members, please refrain from adding bands or acts the members have had minor involvement with, such as Korn and Mushroomhead.-->[[Stone Sour]], [[Murderdolls]], [[To My Surprise]], [[DJ Starscream]], [[Dirty Little Rabbits]], [[Painface]]
| URL = [http://www.slipknot1.com www.slipknot1.com]
'''Slipknot''' е американска метал група од [[Ајова]], [[САД]], кои се формирани во 1995 година. Сите членови на групата носат уникатни маски.