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Миграцијата на населението и други информации кои би ни преставувало задоволство да ги осознаеме. Сашо Матовски Претседателот на НВО Бела Виста-Институт за Одржлив Регионален Рурален Развој и Претседател на Црковниот Одбор при Храм Св АТАНАСИЈ
:::Се што имаме за селото ќе најдете [[Глоѓи|тука]]. Поздрав--[[Корисник:Raso mk|'''<font face="Segoe Script" color="#00008B" size="3px">Р</font>''']] [[Разговор со корисник:Raso mk|'''<font face="Segoe Script" color="blue" size="3px">ашо</font>''']][[Image:Aero-stub img.svg]] 19:30, 29 ноември 2010 (CET)
==Editor Appeals Need Translations==
Hi everyone! Sorry for the English, anyone who is able to translate is welcome (and encouraged). Translations are very important to the 2010 fundraiser and those of you who have contributed have done great work. We still have a long way to go though and will continue to need your indispensable skills. Currently, the appeals from Wikipedia editors [[m:Fundraising_2010/Kartika_Appeal/en|Kartika]], [[m:Fundraising_2010/Lilaroja_Appeal/en|Liliaroja]], [[m:Fundraising_2010/Abbas_Appeal/en|Abbas]] and [[m:Fundraising_2010/Joan_Gomà/en|Joan Gomà]] need to be translated and localized.
Also some [[m:Fundraising_2010/Core_messages/en|core messages]] need to be updated for certain languages. You can find all translation requests at the [[m:Fundraising_2010/Translation|translation hub]] on meta and you can follow the progress of the fundraiser in real time by tracking the [[wmf:Special:FundraiserStatistics|fundraiser statistics]]. Also for those of you who haven't already, you can subscribe to the [[mail:translators-l|translators-l]] mailing list for all new requests and major changes. Many thanks for your help in truly making this a global fundraiser that you can [[m:Fundraising_2010/Translation|edit.]] [[m:User:Schapman|schapman]]
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