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|conflict=Битка кај Сентготард
|partof= [[Османлиски војни во Европа]]
|image=[[ImageПодатотека:A szentgotthárdi csata (német kép).jpg|300px]]
|caption=Битката кај Сентготард
|date= 1 август, 1664
* {{flagicon image|Brandenburg_Wappen.svg}} [[Бранденбург-Прусија]]
* {{flagicon|Bavaria}} [[Баварија]]
* [[FileПодатотека:Coat of arms of Baden.svg|22px]] [[Баден-Баден]]
* [[FileПодатотека:Coat of arms of the Swabian League.svg|20px]] [[Швабија]]
{{flagicon|Savoy}} [[Војводство Савоја]]<br />
''[[Рајнска лига]]''
|combatant2={{flagicon|Ottoman Empire}} '''[[Османлиска империја]]'''<br />
* [[FileПодатотека:Flag of Krim Khanat.svg|24px]] [[Кримски каганат]])
* {{flagicon|Moldavia}} [[Молдавија]]
* {{flagicon|Wallachia}} [[Влахија]]
|commander2={{flagicon|Ottoman Empire}} [[Ахмед Копрулу]]
|strength1=~26-28,000<ref name="Géza Perjés 1664">Géza Perjés: The Battle of Szentgotthárd (1664), ''Vasi Szemle (Vas Review)'', 1964.</ref>, или 40,000<ref>Black & Murphey, ''Ottoman Warfare, 1500-1700'', pp.48-49 "At the battle of Saint Gotthard in August 1664 Raimondo Montecuccolli, supreme commander of a Habsburg force significantly strengthened by units both from France and the Rhine confederates, still only managed to field an army of some 40,000 men."</ref>
|strength2=~ 50,000-60,000<ref>Wilson, ''German Armies: War and German Politics, 1648-1806'', p. 43 "Energetic recruiting had increased Habsburg forces to 51,000 by February 1664, supported by 9,000 Hungarians, but disease and the need to garrison border fortresses reduced the combined force to 24,450 by the time Montecucolli engaged the 50,000-60,000 strong Ottoman army at the Monastery of St Gotthard on the river Raab on 1 Augustавгуст 1664. [...] Though 30,000 of his troops remained unengaged, the grand visier sensed the battle going against him and decided to retreat, leaving the Christians in possession of the field. Two thousand, mainly Germans, had been lost, along with similar number of fugitives. Turkish losses are not known, but were probably less."</ref>), или ~ 60,000 јаничари<br/>60-90,000 нередовни<ref name="Géza Perjés 1664" />
|casualties2=16-22,000<ref name="Géza Perjés 1664" />