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с (Бот Додава: pnb:جنگ نکوپولس)
{{Infobox Military Conflict|
{{Без извори|датум=ноември 2009}}
conflict=Battle of Nicopolis|
{{Крстоносни војни}}
image=[[Image:Nicopol final battle 1398.jpg|300px]]|
caption=''Battle of Nicopolis''<br>(Note the counterfactual depiction of siege weapons)|
partof=the [[Ottoman wars in Europe]]<br />[[Ottoman-Hungarian Wars]]|
date=September 25, 1396|
place=[[Nicopolis, Bulgaria|Nicopolis]], [[Bulgaria]]|
coordinates = {{Coord|43|42|21|N|24|53|45|E|region:BG}}|
result=Decisive [[Ottoman Empire|Ottoman]] victory|
combatant1=[[Ottoman Empire]] <br/> [[Serbian Despotate]]
|combatant2=[[France]]<ref name=Tuchman548/><br/> [[Knights Hospitaller]]<ref name=Tuchman548/></br> [[Kingdom of Hungary]]<ref name=Tuchman548/></br> [[Republic of Venice]]<ref name=Tuchman548/></br> contingents from German princes of the [[Holy Roman Empire]]<ref name=Tuchman548/><br> units from [[Poland]], [[Bohemia]], [[Navarre]], [[Transylvania]] and [[Spain]]<ref name=Tuchman548/><br>[[Wallachia]]<ref name=Hunyadi>The Crusades and the military orders: expanding the frontiers of latin christianity; Zsolt Hunyadi page 226</ref>
|commander1=[[Image:I Bayezit.jpg|30px|]] <small>[[Bayezid I]]</small><br/>[[Image:Lazarevic.jpg|30px|]] <small>[[Stefan Lazarević]]</small>|
commander2=[[Image:Pisanello 024b.jpg|30px|]] <small>[[Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor|Sigismund]]</small><br/> [[Image:Blason ville fr Eu (Seine-Maritime).svg|30px|]] <small>[[Philip of Artois, Count of Eu|Philip, Count of Eu]]{{POW}}<br/> [[Image:Boucicaut.svg|30px|]] <small>[[Jean Le Maingre]]</small>{{POW}}<br/> [[Image:John duke of burgundy.jpg|30px|]] <small>[[John the Fearless]]{{POW}}</small><br/>[[Image:Coucy(Enguerrand VII).gif|30px|]] <small>[[Enguerrand VII, Lord of Coucy|Enguerrand VII]]{{POW}}</small><br/> [[Jean de Vienne]] †<br/> [[Jean de Carrouges]] †<br/> [[Mircea the Elder]]<br/> Stephen II [[Lacković]]|
strength1=Heavily disputed but credibly estimated at perhaps 12,000-15,000.<ref name=Tuchman554/> See the [[#Strength of forces|Strength of forces]] section.|
strength2=Heavily disputed but credibly estimated at perhaps 7,500-16,000.<ref name=Tuchman554/><ref name=Nicolle37>Nicolle, p. 37. "In fact the Crusaders probably numbered some 16,000 men. Traditional Turkish sources give the number of Ottoman troops as 10,000 but when their Balkans vassals were included they may have numbered around 15,000."</ref> See the [[#Strength of forces|Strength of forces]] section.|
casualties1=Heavy casualties, especially during the initial phase of the battle; Ottoman casualties include the massacre of ~1000 civilian hostages by the Crusaders the night before the battle.|
casualties2=Most of the Crusader army was destroyed or captured; a small portion, including Sigismund, escaped.<ref name="Britannica">{{cite web |url=http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/414447/Battle-of-Nicopolis |title=Battle of Nicopolis |accessdate=2009-02-18 |work= |publisher=[[Encyclopædia Britannica]] |year=2009 }}</ref></br> 300-3,000 prisoners were executed.<ref name=Tuchman562>Tuchman 562</ref><ref name=Grant122>Grant, p 122</ref>|
'''Битката кај Никопол''' се случила на [[25 септември]] [[1396]] година помеѓу [[Отоманска Империја|Отоманската империја]] од една страна и крстоносните сојузници предводени од [[Кралство Унгарија]], [[Свето Римско царство|Светото Римско царство]], [[Франција]], [[Полска]], [[Англија]], [[Шкотска]], [[Венеција]], [[Џенова]]. Оваа битка се одвила близу [[Никопол]].