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| Associated_acts = <!--This list is kept primarily for other bands and acts which feature Slipknot members, please refrain from adding bands or acts the members have had minor involvement with, such as Korn and Mushroomhead.-->[[Stone Sour]], [[Murderdolls]], [[To My Surprise]], [[DJ Starscream]], [[Dirty Little Rabbits]], [[Painface]]
| URL = [http://www.slipknot1.com www.slipknot1.com]
| Current_members = [[Sid Wilson]]<br />[[Joey Jordison]]<br />[[Paul Gray (Slipknot)|Paul Gray]] <br />[[Chris Fehn]]<br />[[Jim Root]]<br />[[Craig Jones|Craig "133" Jones]]<br />[[Shawn Crahan|Shawn "Clown" Crahan]]<br />[[Mick Thomson]]<br />[[Corey Taylor]]
| Past_members = Donnie Steele<br />Anders Colsefini<br />Greg "Cuddles" Welts<br />Josh Brainard